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You got to hand it to Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, although she and the exclusively Democratic City Council are crying about the economic downturn and talk about tightening their belts, they have managed to put together a $2.9 billion fiscal 2009 budget and haven’t laid off one of Mobtown’s tens of thousands of employees.

The fact is the Mayor and Council are increasing the city’s spending 11%, or 291 million more than fiscal 2008. The Democrat monopoly in Baltimore is also borrowing money like there’s no tomorrow. Because Baltimore receives so much funding from the state, its fiscal irresponsibility is the business of every Maryland taxpayer no matter where they reside.

In fact, here are the bonds its approving Monday at its City Council meeting in addition to its already bloated $2.9 billion budget:

  • Bond Issue School Loan $43,000,000.
  • Bond Issue Recreation and Parks Loan $16,000,000.
  • Bond Issue Baltimore Museum of Art Loan $750,000.
  • Bond Issue Everyman Theater Loan $500,000.
  • Bond Issue Maryland Zoo in Baltimore Loan $300,000.
  • Bond Issue Maryland Science Center Loan $400,000.
  • Bond Issue Meyerhoff Symphony Hall Loan $300,000.
  • Bond Issue National Aquarium in Baltimore Loan $500,000.
  • Bond Issue Port Discovery Childrens Museum Loan $600,000.
  • Bond Issue Walters Art Museum Loan $350,000.

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But there’s more

In addition to all of this, the Council will also consider the following supplemental budget increases for city agencies:

  • Supplementary Special Fund Capital Appropriation Department of Housing and Community Development $8,000,000.
  • Supplementary General Fund Capital Appropriation MayoraltyRelated $5,000,000.
  • Supplementary Parking Enterprise Fund Capital Appropriation Department of Transportation $2,400,000.

The only cuts Dixon discussed through the entire budget process was tax reductions to the property taxpayers of Baltimore.

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