Are WE up to the challenge?

You know, that Obama camp really is pretty confident that our nation truly wants to lurch toward socialism. Here’s another e-mail I received from campaign staffer Jon Carson:

This has been a 50-state campaign from the very beginning. A year ago this week, our grassroots supporters organized a nationwide canvass in more than 1,000 cities to introduce people to Barack Obama.

Since then, we’ve had an unprecedented primary season that built a grassroots infrastructure in all 50 states — not just for Barack, but for all of the Democratic candidates.

Now it’s time to bring all of that energy together for our common cause of change.

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All across the country, Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans are tired of the politics of the past and are looking for new solutions to the challenges we’re facing.

That’s why we’re launching a nationwide day of action on Saturday, June 28th called “Unite for Change” — and asking you to host a Unite for Change meeting in your neighborhood.

In all 50 states, supporters like you — seasoned veterans and first-time volunteers alike — will host house meetings to reach out and bring together folks who supported all of the Democratic candidates (and those who are just tuning into the process now).

The goal is to come together and use the common values we share to build a united volunteer organization in your neighborhood that will register new voters and build support locally.

It would be SO tempting to crash one of these meetings but I’m probably a little too well-known locally to do it; that is, assuming that there would be one in Salisbury. (I know, who are we kidding? I’ve seen a few Obama signs and stickers about town so there’s probably a local meeting.)

Carson has me pegged correctly in one respect – I am tired of the politics of the past. But that time period is only about the past 20 years. I seem to recall our nation had a pretty good leader in the 1980’s and Senator Obama, you are nowhere near the leader he was.

Unfortunately, politics in this day and age doesn’t lend itself to leadership. Everything (and I mean everything) is driven by the almighty poll, which creates opinion rather than reflecting it. Something tells me that the buzzwords Barack Obama uses, like “hope”, “change”, and the idea of ”ending politics as usual” played well with the focus groups so they became the campaign message. Honestly, does America really know what Barack Obama plans to do if he’s sworn in next January? Does he?

I’m basically resigned at this point to negative change from Washington because neither Barack Obama nor John McCain seems to want to lead our country away from dependence on government to cure all ills, and I’m all but ruling out any help from Congress as a whole for the next couple years as well (locally we may have a Congressman who does wish to work toward the goal, but it may be at least 2010 before he gets much help.)

If you do want to attend one of these Unite for Change meetings, you may get some icy stares if you ask whether Barack Obama has any ideas on how to shrink government or allow more free-market economics to take root in this country – and someone might take a swing at you for suggesting that maybe the best way to solve our energy woes would be to allow domestic oil production to increase. But I believe that is just some of the change we as a nation should truly seek, not attempting to redo the Great Society on a bigger and more obnoxious basis.

Maybe we on the conservative side need to get together that day and do some work of our own. It’s time to lay the groundwork for another American Revolution, one that restores our nation more in line with what our Founders intended it to be – a place where truly free men (and women) live.

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