Amateur Hour in Prince George’s County

and no, I do not mean P.G…..

Let me say this right out of the gate (because I think you will miss this.) I am proud that my home county, Prince George’s, received the AAA bond rating from Standard’s and Poor. It will show everyone that our county is economically viable.

However, the way that County Executive Jack Johnson made the announcement was similar to that of a used car salesman announcing a great deal, absolutely tasteless. It also continues my long held belief that Johnson owes a great debt of gratitude to his predecessor, Wayne Curry, whose footprints that Johnson is reaping the benefits of.

As The Gazette states, “The ratings do not reflect the quality of governments, but instead their ability to repay investors who buy county-issued bonds,” because Lord knows Johnson still has not done anything about crime, but then again why would he, he still does not think that rape is a crime, but more of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationalship issue.

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Johnson in the six years he has been in power has been all fluff and no substance to the point that this is the first time he has came out of hiding in Lord knows how long. The same amount of energy in boasting this good news for the county should have been applied to finding a solution to fixing the county hospital system (which was ultimately solved by the state delegation) and (truly) fighting crime.

For all of the shameless self-promotion of this county executive from the silly celebration in Upper Marlboro yesterday to the Gorgeous Prince George’s junk mail, I cannot name one idea that Johnson had that didn’t come from someone else. Remember folks, he kept from debating Rushern Baker for a reason.

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