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Wild or Wimp… Warrior or Wuss?

There has been some talk about the feminization of culture (not that there’s anything wrong with that… or IS there?).

Rowdy young men are prescribed Ritalin to calm them down, and rarely do you hear “Boys will be boys”.
Personality traits that used to be considered manly or masculine, are discouraged. For years men have been portrayed as the bumbling comedic relief of television and in the movies, where they are not allowed to just be men.
Respect Archie Bunker, or even Homer Simpson? Not in this lifetime.

Even the super-heroes of today have to have their sensitive side, less those males looking up to them become boorish Neanderthals. The Batmans and Spidermans we see now have to have complicated issues. They can’t just be the way they are because it’s just “right”.

Even Geeks have gone from the butt of jokes, stuffed in lockers, to the ones who get the girl.
The fat, idiotic, and doofus are seen everywhere, but where is the man’s man who will, with muscles bulging, kick arse?

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