What’s good for the goose….

Here’s something funny regarding legislators getting wined and dined by lobbyists:

Sean Dobson, executive director of Progressive Maryland, is critical of the current system but said the state should not revert to allowing individual meals.

“There should be zero tolerance for giving a lawmaker anything of value,” said Dobson, whose group advocates for working-class families.

So, who commented on the story discussing these dinners?

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In January, shortly after O’Malley introduced the bill, the entire membership of the House and Senate committees with jurisdiction over the legislation was invited to Ruth’s Chris Steak House by Alexander & Cleaver, the firm hired by ACS. Among the attendees was the company’s director of marketing.

Del. Tom Hucker (D-Montgomery) said that no hard sales pitch was made at the dinner but that it did provide a chance for the company to make its case in a relaxed atmosphere to lawmakers with qualms about speed cameras.

“If people went in agnostic about how they were going to vote on the bill, they probably had their questions answered,” Hucker said.

And of course Tom Hucker was a…former executive director of Progressive Maryland.

So, can one suppose that Hucker’s position on these free dinners changed somewhat when he become the recipient of such largesse?


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