“weekly rage-filled bashing”

As if the Baltimore Sun needed to further validate itself as a house organ of the Maryland Democratic Party, its editorial board served up a gem of agitprop on Sunday that could have been written by David Paulson himself. We shouldn’t be surprised this has always been the Sun’s imperative.

I know the O’Malley rehabilitation project is underway to resurrect his poll numbers which are floating somewhere near the Titanic, but the old trick of using Bob Ehrlich as the bogeyman is really pathetic. The Sun’s curious editorial couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that The Washington Post just laid out O’Malley for assisting Nat Exum’s race baiting influence peddling, which will allow more unsafe vehicles to remain on our streets.

Notice how the Sun never mentioned BGE/Constellation, or the Kudner Farms and Langenfelder land deal scandals. To be honest the Sun had a tin ear for those issues to begin with.

I had the pleasure of appearing on the Ehrlich’s radio show and I can tell you there was no rage-filled bashing, on-air or off. In fact, if the Sun is looking for any rage on WBAL they need only look at their paramour’s own “rage-filled” threat to WBAL radio hosts.

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If you really want to know who is angry, try looking at the taxpayers and electricity ratepayers of Maryland, who have been continually hosed by the O’Malley administration.

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