Wait….we’re rewarding students for what?

You’ve got to hand it to the Maryland Transit Administration. Sure, they can’t actually provide safe reliable mass transportation, but they are trying to corner the market on stupid, half-cocked ideas:

Maryland Transit Administration officials are offering discount cards for area businesses to students who pledge good behavior on city buses, an incentive that transit administrators hope will help curb disrespectful and violent behavior.

The discount card will offer 10 percent to 20 percent off purchases at 12 city establishments, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Cold Stone Creamery, Shoe City, Downtown Locker Room and other places.

That’s right, the MTA is going to offer discounts to teenagers to not break the law.

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“The pledge is no magic panacea for things going on in the community,” Greene said. “It’s symbolic in its nature. It’s not there to be a law enforcement measure or to do anything but take a step to reward good behavior.”

No, it’s really a symbolic gesture to show once and for all that MTA leadership has completely lost their minds. Instead of taking proactive steps to make public transportation safer, they are going to instead try hair-brained schemes to bribe young riders to not act like thugs.

We have reached a sad point in civilization when we governmental agencies feel it necessary to reward people to ensure they don’t act in an antisocial or criminal manner. But it’s also sad that Governor O’Malley refuses to clean house at the MTA, and that he refuses to put an adult in charge to fix the sheer mess that mass transit has become in our state…


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