The Violent Attack in Federal Hill You are not Hearing About

On Sunday my Examiner colleague Adam Meister broke the startling story of a violent attack in Federal Hill early that morning. He has two interesting follow-ups as well. Outside the Examiner news division’s story yesterday evening, no other Baltimore media outlet has even picked up the story.

According to the victim:

… the girl grabbed me by the pony tail and threw me to the ground. At that time others joined in and all were kicking, punching and stomping on me. and were frantically trying to get the girl and others who had joined in to stop, but the girl still had me by the hair and was smashing my face into the sidewalk and kicking me even more. I fortunately had my purse in between the sidewalk and my face, or I would have lost all my teeth/probably bashed my face in.In the mean time, blank’s roommates/friends came out of the house to try to help and several of them were also thrown to the ground and injured.

Once everything cleared, we stumbled into the house to discover blank, blank, and an innocent bystander (who had been sleeping and came out to see what was going on) had all been stabbed. blank’s was just a superficial wound, but they got blank in between 2 ribs in the liver. He is set to be released from the hospital today. The other boy who came out to help has a collapsed lung from being stabbed and was also stabbed in the head. He is going to be at Shock Trauma for at least 4 more days. I have a bloody ear, elbows, knees and multiple bruises through out my body. I had actual foot prints on my back from where they were kicking me.

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Read the whole story. It sounds unbelievable, but has been confirmed by the Baltimore City Police Department.

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