The Party of the People

Hint: it’s not the Democrats (H/T Ross Douthat and Instapundit):

In this upside-down campaign season when populist GOP campaigners like John McCain and Mike Huckabee surprised the pundits with their primary victories or, in the case of Ron Paul, their fundraising prowess, it almost makes sense that the party of the country club set has been winning the fundraising race among the common man. That’s right. The white-shirt/red-tie brigade of Republican presidential aspirants holds a nearly three-to-one edge among janitors, custodians, cleaners, sanitation workers, factory workers, truckers, bus drivers, barbers, security guards, and secretaries. While Democrats command the financial loyalty of architects, Republicans successfully woo contributions from the skilled craftsmen who turn their blueprints into reality — specifically, contractors, hardhats, plumbers, stonemasons, electricians, carpenters mechanics, and roofers. This trend extends to the saloons, where the Democrats carry the bartenders and the Republicans the waitresses. The GOP field even secures more financial support from teamsters, steelworkers, bricklayers, and autoworkers.

These are just demonstrable examples of what I have been saying for some time: that the Republicans are the party that best represents the interests of working and middle class families.

Who do the Democrats represent these days? According to Franc’s article, contributions from Democrats came from Wall Street, lawyers, teachers, journalists, college professors and scientists (except, oddly, for rocket scientists). Why? Because these individuals have the most to gain from Democrats providing them with bigger and bigger government. They are the ones who will benefit.

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Maybe that’s why Republicans are becoming the party of the people. It’s the middle and working class families that has the most to gain from low taxes and smaller government. It gives them the freedom the Democrats don’t want them to have…


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