The Capital is for accountability?

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. The Capital finally decided that somebody should be accountable for the school funding row:

Pity the poor parent in Anne Arundel County who is looking for someone – anyone – to lobby for more education funding. As our Sunday story illustrated, the county refers callers to the school system and the school system refers them to the county. Welcome to the budget merry-go-round….

….Who’s in charge here? No one person, but an appointed school superintendent and an elected county executive – and that’s the problem.

The local delegation would be wise to at least study the relationship between the school system – which spends our taxes – and county government, which raises our taxes.

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That’s funny. Because the same folks on the Capital editorial board who are in favor of holding somebody accountable for school system funding are the same people against allowing the Board of Education to be held accountable by being elected directly by our county voters.

So I have to ask this: why is accountability good in this sense, but not good in another?


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