Public Safety Thumped By Connections

As I alluded to last night on WAMD (970AM), Maryland State Police Chief Col. Terrance Sheridan, allegedly had the screws put to him by Governor O’Malley’s office and Prince George’s Senator Nathaniel Exum (D-Dist. 24). This story was well written by The Washington Post which gives a look at the email traffic between the commander of the inspection division, Gov. O’Malley’s office, and the MSP.

It should be noted that before the new inspection license was delivered to Hilltop Fleet Services in Capital Heights, Exum requested a delay in the vote to confirm Sheridan as the leader of the MSP, out of concerns about police treatment of minorities.

But if you read my column, you will see why this type of stuff does surprise me about elected leaders in my county.

I should also not that Rob Tornoe has a telling cartoon about this one.

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