Paper or Genocide?

Baltimore politicians have said and done some really shoe-poundingly stupid things over the years, but councilman Jim Kraft takes the cake. In a city council meeting Kraft said:

“We don’t want to be criticized by future generations for not doing enough now as were those who dealt with the Germans then”

Perhaps the good councilman is taking his queue from Time Magazine’s recent cheapening of the US Marine’s bloody victory at Iwo Jima?

I agree with the Examiner editorialist who said, “Kraft can serve both the environment and his constituents by changing the culture rather than the law.”

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However, like Time, Kraft’s comment cheapens and belittles the very real horrors of Nazism, in particular the Holocaust. Whatever the dangers of plastic bags, they cannot be equated to Auschwitz. Environmental protection is not the moral equivalent of war, nor is inaction on what are very debatable policy prescriptions equal to the Final Solution, and making those comparisons shows the shallowness of a small mind.
Perhaps Councilman Kraft should step outside his office at City Hall and visit the Baltimore Holocaust Memorial just a few short blocks away to get some perspective, maybe take the train down to DC and spend the day at The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for a more vivid and visceral experience of what the Nazi’s wrought. While he is down there he could cross the Potomac River to Iwo Jima memorial and Arlington National Cemetery and the to see what sacrifice in war to stop the Nazi genocide really means.

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