O’Malley And The Sun…

What does Governor Martin O’Malley (D) and The Baltimore Sun have in common? They both seem to hate Bob Ehrlich. O’Malley as of the moment does not like Ehrlich because the latter was more popular than the former. The Baltimore Sun hates Ehrlich because they lost in court over access. A case that went down hill when former Sun columnist Michael Olesker had to admit that he was not at a press conference involving Ehrlich.

Similarities are very striking. The Sun editorial from this past Sunday might as well been a transcript to his recent appearances on Washington radio. However, this is not surprising considering that The Sun was the only newspaper in the state to endorse O’Malley over Ehrlich. The Washington Post, who endorsed Ehrlich a full two weeks before the election in 2006, is a paper with a known liberal bias in the editorial section who praised him for keeping a check and balance in Maryland government.

It’s one thing to have a liberal point of view, but it’s a completely different scenario to be a cheerleader. The Sun is a cheerleader for O’Malley. How they can write some of their editorials with a straight face astounds me.

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