Of course not, that would be helpful

It’s not liked anybody expected the O’Malley Administration to do anything to benefit taxpayers, but still:

With gas prices continuing to reach new heights, the part of the cost controlled by federal and state governments is coming under increasing scrutiny as some politicians lobby for a break during the summer driving season.

Officials in Gov. Martin O’Malley’s administration, however, caution that any reduction in gas tax revenue – which is dedicated solely to transportation spending – would hurt the government’s ability to maintain roads.

“It might be a ‘penny wise’ and a ‘pound foolish’ at this point, especially since we’ve seen chronic underfunding of our transportation system,” said Rick Abbruzzese, the governor’s press secretary.

No, because god forbid the taxpayers of Maryland actually get a break after the Democrats pillaged them time and time again over the last few months. What’s even more absurd is that Rick Abbruzzese actually talked about the chronic underfunding of transportation when the O’Malley Administration raided the Transportation Trust Fund to cover the excesses of their profligate spending!

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Maryland taxpayers need a break, even if it is a largely symbolic break on state gas taxes. The fact that O’Malley and Maryland Democrats refuse to take even such a minor step to benefit the citizens of Maryland shows the kind of contempt these people hold taxpayers in: you are an ATM to benefit their pet projects, enrich their cronies, and keep them in office, and nothing more.


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