He’s Doing It Again

Advocacy journalist Tom Pelton is at it again. This time he is highlighting the alarmist site Desmogblog’s supposed debunking of the Heartland Institute’s claim that 500 scientists doubt global warming scaremongering.

Desmogblog reports that it has received responses from 45 of the scientists listed who claim to be outraged by what Heartland has done. Curious that Desmog is just now getting to this considering Heartland published this list LAST YEAR.

That these scientists would now scream bloody murder couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that funding for their work (hence their careers) is dependent upon the politically hyped fear of anthropogenic global warming. No crisis no funding. In fact as my colleague Brian Griffiths noted scientists who express skepticism of global warming end up getting into hot water with their home institutions.

Also, Pelton should be very careful about getting into the “scientific expert” debate. He still hasn’t gotten the memo that the IPCC is NOT composed solely of scientists or experts. Who knows, it may be the case that Pelton thinks administrative assistants, computer network administrators, and doctorate-less public policy students are scientific experts.

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However, the curious thing about Pelton’s bit of twittery is the fact that he links to a source that contradicts him. Pelton links to radio program on Canada’s AM 770 CHQR. When you read the actual site, you find that the show host he quotes and cites from, Rob Breakenridge, is a SKEPTIC, who links to several sources that validate many of the skeptical arguments. In fact, on the issue of Canadian teachers outraged at Heartland’s overture to their schools, Breakenridge notes, and Pelton repeats, “but it’s interesting to note that nowhere in this story does anyone point out any factual errors in the Heartland Institute material.”

So what’s your point Tom?

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