Frank Kratovil Wants YOUR $2,300

As noted before, Queen Anne’s States Attorney (and Democrat Congressional candidate) Frank Kratovil claims to be running as a moderate / conservative Democrat. Kratovil also loves to whine about where his opponent, Maryland Sen. Andy Harris (R-7), is raising his money.

Of course politics loves hypocrisy, particularly when coming from Democrats. Perhaps this explains why Kratovil is raising money at a fundraiser hosted by local lefty Mike Pretl.


Pretl, in addition to being a nice guy, possesses impeccable lefty credentials. In addition to his work with WET (our own local radical tree-huggers), Pretl is also affiliated with the “Maryland Health Care for All! Coalition” (a group whose ultimate goal is to socialize our healthcare system). While I never asked him, I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that Mike is a ’60’s veteran of the SDS, the Rap Brown era SNCC, and / or even the Weatherman.

I will give Mike credit. He’s a true believer.

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Now there’s certainly nothing wrong with Kratovil having a fundraiser in Wicomico County, or at Mike Pretl’s home. The problem lies with Kratovil’s rank hypocrisy.

He whines like a baby that Andy Harris is raising too much money from out of state. He also is trying to sell the voters of Maryland’s First District that he is a “different kind of Democrat”.

It is true that Harris is raising money from out of state. That money primarily comes from two sources:

  • Doctors – who are more likely to support one of their own for elected office (that’s why Kratovil’s contributor list is chock-a-block full of lawyers).
  • Individuals who believe in personal liberty, low taxes, and a strong economy. Many of theses relatively small contributions are being bundled through the Club for Growth.

Kratovil is raising out of state money too; and his reported totals are a bit misleading. Kratovil’s a recipient of Big Labor’s generosity with their members’ money. Even the money reported as coming from locals and District Councils does not necessarily come from local sources.

That leads us to the little house on the Nanticoke on June 9th. Kratovil wants First District voters to believe that he is a died in wool, Eastern Shore conservative Democrat. Forget the fact that he’s from PG County.

Why would a prominent arch-liberal like Pretl be raising money for Kratovil if his expected performance in Congress is more closely allied with my point of view than Pretl’s? The answer is simple, Pretl and his liberal Democrat friends know that Kratovil would be more allied with “Little Tommy” Pelosi and the radical left wing of the Democrat party than Kratovil is willing to let on.

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