Bologna Boy still full of Bologna

David Paulson, of all people, has a column up at regarding “political courage.” Now, never mind the fact that “Maryland Democrat” and “political courage” tend to be oxymoronic, I want to highlight this comment, which highlights why Paulson doesn’t get it:

It is easy to whine, gripe, attack and predict disaster is at the doorstep. Having the courage to solve real problems is hard and sometimes costly. After all, there is always someone or some group ready, willing and able to do what’s easy.

You’re right David, it is easy to whine, gripe, attack and predict disaster. So why, David, do you instinctively defend Martin O’Malley at every turn? All the Governor does is whine about Governor Ehrlich, gripe about how hard his job is, attack anybody who even remotely opposes his bad ideas, and predicts disaster if the people of Maryland don’t roll over for his whims, and right now.

And you’re right David: having the courage to solve real problems is hard and sometimes costly. I just wish that Maryland Democrats had some of this courage that you speak of, because they sure as hell didn’t show it during the General Assembly session. Instead of reducing the size of government and assuring the people of Maryland that our state was under prudent financial stewardship, they instead rubber stamped O’Malley’s profligate spending, sticking the citizenry with a higher tax bill as a result. That’s certainly not leadership, that is, in fact, doing what’s easy. Maryland Democrats are good at that.

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Paulson later goes on to say something even more patently absurd:

In the end they couldn’t even agree with each other on the Smith Island Cake. Some belittled our new “state cake” as a complete waste of time for a General Assembly facing serious issues. They must have forgotten it was a Republican sponsored bill in the first place.

Paulson forgets three key points:

  1. Just because something is sponsored by Republicans doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. There are a lot of ideas from the moderate wing that aren’t exactly beneficial to our side, nor are any number of bills that Republicans sign-on to as co-sponsors at all representative of our ideology;
  2. Republicans actually have the testicular fortitude to call each other out when they go astray: Democrats outside of leadership have been for all intents and purposes been politically neutered in Maryland for some time now; and,
  3. The Smith Island Cake was not the issue for a lot of people; it was Page Elmore’s sellout of his vote for O’Malley’s profligate budget to get the Smith Island Cake bill passed that was the real key issue.

What’s odd is that David Paulson would spend his time kicking us while we were already down. I just wish that Paulson would spend less time psychoanalyzing the Republican side of the aisle, and instead spend more time trying to explain and justify why Martin O’Malley and Maryland’s Democratic leadership want to tax Marylanders right out of the state and why these “leaders” want to destroy Maryland’s Middle and Working Class Families.


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