A little over a year ago, the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson along with the rest of the Secret Order of the Society of Black People were calling for Don Imus’ head after referring to the Rutgers women’s basketball team as Nappy Headed Ho’s.

Let’s see what has happened during that time:

– Imus was back on the air by that Fall on WABC-AM in New York (with an ever growing syndication network including WJZW-FM in Washington.)

– The Advocate based in Los Angeles posed as donor’s to Planned Parenthood asking if they can give money for a specific purpose…aborting Black Babies. I am sure you have see the video on YouTube by now, but if you haven’t, here you go.

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That video was posted in February (Part II was posted in April.) You would think that the Secret Order along with the self-appointed but far from official Black leaders would have said something by now. THEY HAVE NOT SAID A WORD.

Enter The Rev. Dr. Clenard Childress Jr., founder of, who says that the “leaders” owe Don Imus an apology. I agree with this piece that Dr. Childress wrote. Sharpton and Jackson have raised hell over less than this. While I am “moderate” on abortion issues (by moderate I mean just because the government says you can, does not mean it’s right,) I have to call out the undeniable racism of Planned Parenthood. Not even a whisper (or at the very least a real statement) about this from anyone.

Oh, and before anyone starts screaming racism about the “Secret Order…” remark, I am Black.

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