Bi-Partisan Discontent

I have to point this out. For those of you who do not know, I am a columnist with I encourage you to go there and not only read my column, but click on David Paulson as well…but not to read his stuff, the comments under his stuff.

This morning, someone with the ultimate chick magnet handle “Baltimoron” and I will take the high road on jokes for that one. He titled his comments, “Editors, have mercy.” Baltimoron wrote: “Editors: Is there any way you could get rid of both this guy and the Republican dope who posts equally pointless columns? I come here to get news, not to read Team Red and Team Blue call each other names.”

The someone posted a “Troll Alert.” They wrote, “Troll Alert – Quickly change the subject, distract because the issue is too painful. Appear neutral as you do it.”

Baltimoron replied, “Call me what you want, just get rid of them. Here are their posts, reduced to the essentials:

Paulson: O’Malley is a Huey Long and FDR sandwich on awesome bread. Ehrlich and Republicans suck.

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Burns: Ehrlich parted the Chesapeake and led Marylanders to the promised land. O’Malley and the Dems suck.

I can read that crap anywhere. What I can’t get is frequently
updated news on local politics, and that’s what I’d rather read here.”

Let me make a few corrections. One I might be a registered Republican, but I am not an activist nor a former bitter disgruntled politico. I am a journalist and Conservative commentator. I will not be making any runs for office anytime soon, nor will you find any cash in my coffers (albeit small at the moment) going to political candidates. Unlike the reporters that were caught with they’re pants down by MSNBC, I actually prefer not to make donations so I can report fairly…and criticize fairly as well.

David Paulson on the other hand IS a full fledged member of team blue, he is the Communications Director for the Maryland Democratic Party who happens to be a former journalist and you know what, God Bless him for that. However, because Paulson is playing for the other side, so to speak, he cannot call his own to the carpet. I on the other hand, can smack away without guilt. Wrong is wrong, right is right. I will still call it like I see it, regardless of who complains.

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