An Argument I Never Made

With the left, you know you hit the target when they respond by refuting an argument you never made. Jim Martin of Baltimore responded to my Examiner op/ed on Bill Ayers and AERA.

Let the 1960s go. Will we forever refight that decade that ended almost four decades ago? Mark Newgent, in his May 3 column, “Unrepentant ’60s bomber now teaches our teachers,” condemns William Ayers for his actions in the 1960s and, by association, Barack Obama, who was on a committee with him. What does Newgent want, a tearful apology like those from a TV preacher? The law has said he’s paid for his actions. Four decades of public service have attested to his behavior. Should Newgent want everyone to atone for what they did 40 years ago? How about the Baltimore Realtors who wouldn’t sell Frank Robinson a home in a neighborhood he could afford before leading the Orioles to the 1966 World Series? How about local bars that wouldn’t sell to returning black Vietnam veterans? Leave us the music of the Beatles, but let the mistakes go. Let it be just another part of history.

First, I never called for an apology from Ayers, which is why I noted–and he has made clear himself–that he is “unrepentant.”

Contrary to what Martin thinks, the law never said Ayers “paid for his actions.” Ayers and his wife, fellow Weather Underground terrorist Bernadine Dohrn were NEVER prosecuted for their crimes. Why? FBI agent W. Mark Felt, better known to the world as Deep Throat authorized illegal black bag operations in the Bureau’s hunt for the Weathermen. When Ayers and Dorhn resurfaced in the 1980s, Ayers proudly proclaimed, “guilty as hell, free as a bird, its a great country.”

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Furthermore, my argument was that this unrepentant terrorist, who still seeks to overthrow the American constitutional order, is now a prominent and highly influential voice in our schools of education that train our teachers and influence our students. Ayers’ radicalism has merely moved from the streets to the classroom, where he can refight the sixties and indoctrinate both teachers and students to his anti-American worldview.

We can agree that it would be unacceptable to teach in our schools, the hate and discrimination of the Baltimore realtors who denied Frank Robinson the right to live where he pleased. Then why is it acceptable for an self-admitted terrorist to teach his spread his hateful ideology to our teachers and students?

I guess being a left-wing radical means never having to say you’re sorry in the first place.

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