Wow! What a Comeback

Paul Foer, who gave us this ridiculous screed, had…..this for a comeback:

It’s no secret that the blogosphere is open to anyone with access to a computer. That is its beauty and its downfall. Here in Maryland we see some of the worst examples of angry, hateful rhetoricians who spend their days and their energy attacking and condemning just about anyone who does not agree with their extremist views. I must admit that it appears to me that they tend to hold what I think most fair-minded people would call hyper-conservative viewpoints. Whether it is gun control, global warming, immigration, abortion or you-name-it, you’ll find these angry, mean spirited people spouting off, ranting and raving, name calling and spewing vicious and venomous vitriol at anyone, but especially other bloggers, with whom they disagree.

I know. I get attacked by them all the time.

Of course, I’m not really quite sure what the point of Foer’s rant was all about. Let’s face it, we are trying to engage in an exchange of ideas. Something that we do with other liberals in the blogosphere all the time. Problem for Foer is the fact he thinks its mean that somebody thinks he’s wrong. Which is sad, because I gave him an opportunity to engage and even posited to him a question that I suppose he has no answer for.

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Paul, all I’m asking you is to “communicate more effectively through written or spoken words” (your words, not mine) in an effort to tell me why I’m wrong. And pointing fingers and telling me I’m mean isn’t what I’m looking for, either….


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