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We Will Control the Heat, We Will Control the AC, Do Not Adjust Your Thermostat

House members who voted to allow utility companies to control your thermostat, amendment 463024/01 to HB 374.

They are all Democrats, but then again you probably knew that already.

Speaker Busch
Saqib Ali
Curt “Wiki” Anderson
Charles Barkley
Ben Barnes
Kumar Barve
Pam Beidle
Joanne Benson
Elizabeth Bobo
John Bohanon
Talmadge Branch
Aisha Braveboy
William Bronrott
Rudolph Cane
Jon Cardin
Alfred Carr
Galen Claggett
Virginia Clagett
Frank Conaway
Derek Davis
John Donoghue
Anne Marie Doory
Kathleen Dumais
Brian Feldman
William Frick
Barbra Frush
Tawanna Gaines
James Gilchrest
Cheryl Glenn
Melony Griffith
Ana “I ‘ll sell my slots vote for two tiered driver’s licenses” Sol Gutierrez
Guy Guzzone
Peter Hammen
Hattie Harrison
Anne Healey
Sue Hecht
Henry Heller
Sheila Hixon
Marvin Holmes
Carolyn Howard
James Hubbard
Tom “fundamental ignorance of liberty” Hucker
Jolene Ivey
Mary Dulany-James
Sally Jameson
Adrienne Jones
Anne Kaiser
Ruth Kirk
Benjamin Kramer
Carolyn Krysiak
Sue Kullen
Stephen Lafferty
Susan Lee
Gerron Levi
Mary Ann Love
Roger Manno
James Mathias
Brian McHale
Maggie McIntosh
Heather Mizeur
Karen Montgomery
Dan Morhaim
Shirley Nathan-Pulliam
Doyle Niemann
Joeseline “Gift Card Tax” Pena-Melnyk
Shane Pendergrass
James Proctor
Victor “Anyone Who Disagrees with Me on Illegal Immigration is a Racist” Ramirez
Kirill Reznik
Craig Rice
Dan Riley
Barbra Robinson
Samuel “Fantasy Camp” Rosenberg
Justin Ross
David Rudolph
Todd Schuler
Luiz Simmons
Dana Stein
Melvin Stukes
Shawn Tarrant
Herman Taylor
Frank Turner
Veronica Turner
Kriselda Valderamma
Joseph “Hero of Illegal Immigrants and Pedophiles” Vallario
Michael Vaughn
Jefferey Waldstreicher
Jay Walker

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