Votes to Reconsider RGGI

Update and Clarification

SB 268 passed third reader (the second time) with the new amendments 46-1. EJ Pipkin was the lone vote against it. Pipkin said, “All I’ve ever wanted was a fair shake for the ratepayers,” Pipkin said. “Utility bills of the average person are too high. This is a tremendous missed opportunity.”

The following Democrats who rejected SB 268 yesterday voted to reconsider the bill:
Joan Carter Conway; James “Ed” DeGrange; George Della; Lisa Gladden; David Harrington; Verna Jones; Nathaniel McFadden; C. Anthony Muse and Bobby Zirkin.

My source tells me that SB 268 is stuck in third reader. What happened was that a motion by David Harrington to reconsider third reading failed 31-16. Senator Joan Carter Conway who voted against the bill yesterday motioned to move the bill back to second reader so the amendments reapportioning the proceeds I mentioned earlier could be offered. The new amendments passed in second reader 46-1. So the bill is now back in third reader.

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On the House side, Minority Leader Tony O’Donnell’s amendments to return more proceeds to the poorest ratepayers were defeated.

It looks like more money is going to be diverted from ratepayers to the MEA bureaucracy for ineffective programs.

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