They’re signin’ our lives away…

Today Governor Martin O’ Malley had another one of his bill-signings. The PR Puff Piece (thanks to spinmiesters Abbruzzese and Hansen) touts the bills that will “Protect Maryland’s Environment” (by making it harder for humans to live here- the only species it is evidently allowable to put on the endangered list??).

It also says that legislation will “Help Secure Maryland’s Energy Future”… yeah, right! It thwarts lawsuits going back and forth with BGE/Constellation, but what does it do to really produce more energy? That old slogan of theirs that the cheapest watt is the one not needed belies a real hesitation to actually produce more power. I guess they will just make the power we have now more expensive. That’s supposed to be emPOWERing Maryland? The ultimate is the statement from Senate President Mike Miller that the Governor “delivered on his promise to the BGE ratepayers”. Uh, excuse me? When our 72% increase was not really stopped, and will wind up being even more, that is not solving the energy problem one bit. I guess with less people living and working in Maryland, we won’t need all those nasty power plants after all? That’s supposed to be a solution??

Also in Annapolis: Earlier, Baltimore County Exec. Jim Smith spoke at an event for MACO, the Maryland Association of Counties. That group will be pushing hard for the slots Constitutional Amendment… for the children, of course! Slots-for-tots!

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