They Couldn’t Have Cared Less

Interesting report from WBAL

It has been two years since the General Assembly overrode a decision by the State School Board to privatize four high schools in Baltimore and have the city hire a third party to run seven low performing middle schools.

State School Board member David Tufaro tells WBAL Radio the information he has reviewed show those eleven “remain in general very low performing schools.” He says he doesn’t consider himself an expert on the information but he has looked over a number of factors. Some of the eleven will be closed this year, or in the coming years after the Baltimore City School Commissioners voted for that action recently.

Tufaro says “the question needs to be asked did then Mayor O’Malley and did our elected representatives and the General Assembly as a whole act wisely, prudently on behalf of the students of Baltimore City. And I would submit based on the information I know, no they clearly did not.”

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He believes the lawmakers were acting in political interests and protecting aspects of a failed school system.

Now this is just preliminary, but Mike Miller, Martin O’Malley, and Mike Busch would never play politics with poor students (or working families) as pawns, only to drop them like a bad habit after they retake the governor’s mansion. Right???

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