The Liberal Kool-Aid Acid Test

Whatever Isaac Smith is drinking don’t follow suit, because this is the kind of thinking that is destroying Maryland:

One more thing I should add is that I think we can explain the right-ward lurch, as Paul puts it, in the General Assembly this session as a reaction to the economy taking a nosedive and the aftermath of the special session.

There are a number of just completely ridiculous things in that brief sentence. First is the accusation that the General Assembly took a “right-ward lurch.” Only somebody to the left of Mao could think that this General Assembly lurched in any direction but towards a Maryland that taxes its citizens to the hilt, spends more than it can afford, and looks to find ways to interfere with the lives and the civil liberties of its citizenry. This is the Maryland that Isaac Smith claims he wants, but this is a Maryland that isn’t far to the left enough for Smith and the fringe left.

Of course, Smith fails to acknowledge that part of the reason for “the economy taking a nosedive” here in Maryland is precisely due to the Special Session and the O’Malley Recession that was born from it.

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Then, as if Maryland didn’t have enough spending problems:

I know I harp on this, but the inability of states to do deficit spending like the federal government severly constricts what states can do during a recession.

Yes. Smith came out and endorsed deficit spending as the solution to our problems. Fortunately, the State Constitution in Maryland requires us to have a balanced budget, or lord knows how much Martin O’Malley and his crew could have begged, borrowed, and stolen from this General Assembly and, ultimately, the taxpayers. The reason that we are not allowed in Maryland to have deficit spending is for the precise reason that Smith wants us to spend into deficit: so that irresponsible, financially dimwitted elected officials can’t try and spend our way out of economic problems. We are already taxed to death and concerned with our bond rating: how does Smith think that deficit spending is going to magically solve those problems?

Finally, we get this:

Given that environment, it’s easy to see how O’Malley and the General Assembly adopted a tempermentally, if not ideologically, conservative stance on fiscal matters.

I am stunned that somebody as financially to the left as O’Malley can be called a conservative on any financial issues when he continues to spend beyond the state’s means and continues to try to tax Maryland’s middle class and working families into poverty and brokering deals that will require families to spend more on electric rates.

Folks, Smith is part of the fringe element that we have to deal with. People of this kind of fringe mindset are the ones shaping policy in Annapolis. I talk a lot about how important the 2010 elections are, and this is why: we cannot let absurd, irresponsible, and reckless ideas such as this ever enter the mainstream or else Maryland will be doomed to financial devastation and widespread poverty for generations to come.

This is why we continue the fight….


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