In the Bag

Once again, the Sun thinks you’re stupid:

There’s likely enough good news coming out of the recently completed legislative session to soften the blow of last fall’s tax increases and return a bit of luster to the image of Gov. Martin O’Malley, who took a subsequent beating in opinion polls.

What good news? How can any objective individual see any good news coming out of the recent session? Taxes are going up. Spending is out of control. The General Assembly paved the way for electric ratepayers to pay even higher electric bills than ever before. The annual tradition of the transportation trust fund raid came once again.

There is but one line of obvious truth in this editorial:

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Mr. O’Malley recently told The Sun’s editorial board that his first 14 months in office have been “difficult and often miserable.”

Yeah…even O’Malley knows how bad of a job he is doing as Governor.


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