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How will Governor O’Malley make this disappear down the memory hole?

Martin O’Malley October 17, 2006:

Unfortunately, time and time again Governor Ehrlich has taken the side of the powerful, wealthy, utility and energy interests and their lobbyists instead of standing up for the working people of our state. You saw it in his remarks after the 72 percent rate increase was rubber stamped by his Public Service Commission

What we have seen is nothing short of the total destruction of our Public Service Commission. As Governor I am going to appoint competent, qualified, professional regulators to the job so that we actually have a hearing to determine what is the fair and reasonable rate that BGE can charge us for this commodity they buy. That did not happen in this case.

There is no clearer issue that separates my governing philosophy from the governor’s than this one I will stand with the, rate payers, consumers, and working people of our state, he will always side with the powerful wealthy energy interests and utility lobbyists…

The only guarantee we have is that if you get reelected we’re all going to be paying a lot more for energy.

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March 2008 Waaaay back in section B4 of The Washington Post

The Maryland Public Service Commission announced yesterday that its investigation into the way electricity was purchased for 1.1 million customers in 2005-06 found no evidence that Baltimore Gas and Electric and its parent company, Constellation Energy, colluded to charge higher prices.

The 2005-06 auction was the first since the rate caps that followed deregulation were removed. It resulted in a 72 percent increase in electric bills for BGE customers. When Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) took office last year, he pledged to investigate whether the auction was rigged because BGE paid much more for power than the cost to produce it and bought most of its electricity from its corporate parent. Utility regulators promised to find out whether the auction was competitive.

It was competitive, PSC Chairman Steven B. Larsen said yesterday at a hearing before the Senate Finance Committee. He discussed a bill that would set in motion the details of a settlement about electricity prices that O’Malley and Constellation officials announced last week.

Who is governor now and why are we “paying a lot more for energy?”

Whose Public Service Commission of “competent, qualified, professional regulators” just last week rubber stamped a 72 percent (actually larger due to his campaign meddling) rate increase ?

How exactly is raising energy costs through the global warming solutions act, EmPower, the strategic energy investment fund, “standing with the consumers, ratepayers, and working people?”

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