Even Some Libs See Danger in Climate Change Policies! (See Addendum)

Read this from Roy Innis, of all people…

NEWS From the Congress of Racial Equality

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Famed Civil Rights Leader Says New Battle Is Brewing For Minorities and the Poor

Congress of Racial Equality’s Roy Innis Says Opposition Is Rising To Climate Change Proposals Because Of Their Disproportionate Impact On The Poor

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Salt Lake City (April 22, 2008) – Roy Innis, long-time leader of one of America’s original civil rights organizations, warned today that a new civil rights battle is brewing because of the disproportionate impact on America’s working poor of higher energy prices caused by climate change proposals and other extremist environmental schemes.

“What is under attack is the ability to tens of millions of Americans – many right here in Utah – to afford to live and prosper in this great nation and continue to climb the ladder of economic opportunity,” said Roy Innis. “The culprit of this new civil rights battle? Environmental policies and laws that increase the cost of energy and economically enslave those Americans who most struggle to climb the ladder of economic success.”

Innis was in Salt Lake City as part of a conference entitled, “Earth Week ’08: The Future of Utah,” hosted by the Sutherland Institute.

Innis said misdirected global warming proposals, proposals to limit public access to public lands and policies that restrict access to America’s abundant energy “are driving up the cost of energy and consumer goods.”

“These policies cause widespread layoffs, leaving unemployed workers and families struggling to survive, as the cost of everything they eat, drive, wear and do spirals out of control,” he said. “They threaten to roll back much of the civil rights progress for which civil rights revolutionaries and Dr. King struggled and died.”

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ADDENDUM- (To Keep Brian at the top of the Blog for a while)…

In other greenie news…

Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith today announced a new cabinet-level position. It will be a government-wide “environmental coordinator”, whatever that is supposed to be.

Lt. Governor Anthony Brown at a school in Landover today encouraged kids to “do their part to fight against global warming and become stewards of their environment”.

I wonder if going hunting to thin-out the dear (or bear) heard would qualify? Somehow I doubt it.

Then our esteemed O’Governor went to give federal testimony again (He’s been doing a lot of that lately). Taking a dig at President Bush and the law they love-to-hate (No Child Left Behind), he & Congressman John Sarbanes pushed for the “No Child Left Inside” Act. Martin also signed one of his famous executive orders, this one forming a “Maryland Partnership for Children in Nature”. Both of these efforts will promote environmental brainwashing… uh… I meant environmental literacy, yeah, that’s right!

Does he have something against houses & classrooms? Oh, the kid’s parents won’t be able to afford the former, and he didn’t fully-fund schools so he can’t afford to build enough of the latter.

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