This note from Jim Pelura is being sent around, sent yesterday:

From: “James Pelura”
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 20:21:44
Subject: Bittersweet news

Dear Republican Leaders,

It is with mixed emotions that I contact you tonight.

John Flynn, our Executive Director, has given notice that he will be
embarking on a new and exciting adventure in 2 weeks.

As you all know, John has been instrumental in carrying out my plan to
return the State Party to the county Central Committees and the grassroots
Republicans of our beloved Maryland.

I am dismayed in his leaving but extremely happy for him and wish him every
success and happiness in his new position. He will be missed!!

Due to time constraints, I will be interviewing for this position on
Tuesday, April 22
at MDGOP headquarters. Please spread the word and have
the applicants e-mail their resumes to me at
by Monday, April 21, 2008.

Dr. Jim Pelura
Maryland Republican Party

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