Concealed Carry In Maryland

For years, the state of Maryland has avoided a trend that many states have openly embraced. Why doesn’t Maryland allow their law abiding citizens to conceal a handgun?

As it stands now, Maryland only allows select individual to obtain a hand gun permit. Of those, only corrections officers, former police officers and those engaged in professional activities (specifically doctors and pharmacists) can carry a concealed weapon in this state. Also, select individuals can receive a permit if they can prove “recent” threats against their wellbeing. It should be noted that all these persons listed must still submit to a lengthy permit process before approval will be granted.

It’s actually easier for Maryland residents to obtain an out-of-state permit. A Utah concealed carry permit is recognized in 32 states. Unfortunately, Maryland is not one of these states. In fact, this state only recognizes licenses issued here. As a result, other states generally don’t recognize the Maryland permit. Despite their rigorous application process, the Maryland permit is only accepted by 11 other states.

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Therefore, if someone wished to venture into Delaware or Virginia, a Maryland handgun permit would not be valid. By contrast, if the same person received approval after completing the one page Utah application, they would be able to carry their weapon in every surrounding state except West Virginia. Right now, the closest states that recognize a Maryland permit are Kentucky and Tennessee.

Honestly, I cannot see the big issue with concealed carry. A criminal isn’t going to be deterred by a rigid Maryland law. By the same token, a law abiding citizen will not take the risk. As a result, when a good guy is robbed by a bad guy, s/he has no means to protect themselves, their family or their belongings.

Normally, I am a proponent of state’s rights. When it comes to concealed carry laws, the state of Maryland choses to infringe upon the constitutional rights of it’s law abiding citizens. Therefore, I hope the Supreme Court eventually inserts itself into this argument.


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