A Little Sanity in Annapolis… It Will Not Last Long

The decision by O’Guvnah this week to ban the clear-cutting of state parks in Western Maryland for the so-called benefits of wind power is a rare moment of sanity. But it will not last long.

Wind power — part of basket of “renewable” energy sources — has some promise as a supplemental energy source in certain parts of the country. Wind power, unfortunately, is dependent upon wind. And wind in Maryland is neither predictable nor constant. Well, except in Annapolis during the 90-day General Assembly Session, when a surplus of hot air generates a constant breeze in and around the harbor.

But I digress…

The southwest and the great plains are natural areas for wind-generated electricity. In fact, Texas is immensely fond of wind power. Although, in March, they had a shortage of… wind. Because wind is neither predictable or constant, it is not a realistic solution right now for a constant energy supply. Texas is finding this out as we speak.

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How does this relate to Maryland?

It makes absolutely NO SENSE to cut down trees in state parks and state forests to erect giant wind turbines. I hate to be rude, but anyone who would suggest that destroying forests to generate clean power is an absolute idiot.

It is, in fact, as stupid as suggesting that we should buy oil from Venezuela instead of drilling for our own oil in the Bakken Reserve or the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, or off the coast of Florida. Why? Venezuelan oil is much higher in sulfur that our own “sweet” crude and their practices are much more environmentally unfriendly.

Unfortunately, the sanity of O’Guvnah’s decision will be short lived. Given the sheer idiocy of the so-called settlement with Constellation, we should only see this as a brief respite in bad decision making come from a poor leader with questionable morals and ill-defined ethics.

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