What are They Teaching in Our State Universities?

Having been subject to the rank indoctrination practices of the political science and history departments at the University of Maryland, the headline is a rhetorical question.

David Spielman shows that Salisbury State is not lagging behind its larger brother in College Park.

The increase of greenhouse gasses and subsequent rapid climate change have caused many of us living on the Eastern Shore to become alarmed.

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As we know, the climate has steadily changed over the last several decades, and global warming has become a not-so-abstract problem. Many of us here in Maryland have many treasured resources that could be greatly affected by climate change if nothing is done.

Eastern Shore residents, who enjoy the coastal bays, sandy beaches, and expanses of wildlife habitat, know that with increasing greenhouse gas emissions, what we have come to love will suffer and without action will disappear.

Higher greenhouse emissions cause many serious problems which include bad air quality, global warming, higher sea surface temperatures, and rising water depths. With this, thennatural beauty of our cherished coastal bays, their marshes, wildlife, and shallow crab and shellfish nurseries could be gone forever.
Land lost to higher water levels can never be replaced. None of us could imagine our life here on the Eastern Shore without our beloved Ocean City and Assateague Island, which could be inundated by the increased water level…

Recently, new and exciting developments have been taking place to help combat this global problem right here in Maryland. People have begun to see the true seriousness of this problem and have begun to act.

Governor Martin O’Malley has recently begun his fight to combat the overwhelming environmental problems that face Maryland today. The governor expressed his support for a bill that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90 percent by 2050. Along with the obvious effects that less greenhouse emissions will cause, many jobs could be created due to the increased number of innovative businesses and programs that will be needed to obtain these goals.

Environmental health in our area also means economic gains, due to the many of us who rely on our natural resources for our way of life.

The proposed bill from the Maryland State Senate, SB 309, calls for the creation of programs that reduce greenhouse gasses in the state by 25 percent below 2006 levels by 2025 and by 90 percent by 2050. If this bill passes, Maryland will be on the forefront of combating our environmental problems on a global scale. With this bill many hope that other states will follow our lead and begin to fight for the environment and its overall health.

The legislation shows a deep commitment in protecting Maryland’s fragile environment, and with help from other Maryland residents our beloved life here on the Eastern Shore and all over Maryland will be greatly improved.
With ongoing work and more legislation, our fight to protect our way of life should spread across the country, making America a leader in combating the problems facing life as we know it.

I have nothing against Mr. Spielman, I have no doubt he honestly believes what he wrote. My question is, was he ever exposed to a dissenting point of view on global warming, other than skeptics are akin to holocaust deniers and not legitimate participants in the debate? Is Spielman aware of the draconian costs, even in its watered down form,Maryland citizens would face from this legislation? Is he aware that reducing carbon emissions, even on a global scale, will have no detectable effect on reducing global temperatures?
Its bad enough that alarmists shroud the true costs of their overtly political intentions in phony moralisms, but as evidenced by this piece and many other examples, alarmism is moving to control what does and does not get taught in all levels public education.
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