The Real Joe Vallario

CASA Maryland honoring Joe Vallario as hero of the (illegal) immigrant

This is the same Joe Vallario who fought tooth and nail against Jessica’s Law, only reversing course when publicly embarrassed by Bill O’Reilly. Vallario attached himself as a sponsor to the bill as an amendment. He then had the temerity, on the floor of the House of Delegates, urge his colleagues to make Maryland a leader in protecting children from sexual predators.

The same Joe Vallario who called REAL ID “One of the biggest unfunded mandates that’s ever existed.” The same Joe Vallario who voted for an even larger unfunded mandate by order of magnitude.

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The same Joe Vallario who is set to create space at the public trough for his well-heeled trial lawyer cronies. Vallario has received $10,000 from the Maryland Trial Lawyer’s Association.

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