The Institutions of Marriage and Family in the Balance

As we have discussed on the podcast on a number of occasions, the issue of gay marriage and redefining family and marriage under Maryland law has been a hot topic in this year’s General Assembly session.

The most insidious efforts have been to pass seemingly benign bills, often with misleading titles, which would radically alter the way the law treats marriage without the public or legislative scrutiny of the sponsors’ true purpose.

From my State Senator, and ardent defender of marriage, Janet Greenip (R-33) comes the following:

Senate Bill 566: Health Care Facility Visitation and Medical Decisions – Domestic Partners is on the Senate floor today for debate and a possible vote. This bill is another in a long line of backdoor attempts to codify same-sex unions and elevate co-habitation to the level of marriage.

Although many will say it does not, this legislation will put the term “Domestic Partner” in law, something the homosexual-rights activists have been striving for.

This bill goes way beyond giving homosexual couples visitation rights, which they already have because of previous legislation. SB 566 would allow any two people, age 18 or older, to enter into a domestic partnership by simply signing an affidavit demonstrating their commitment and having only one other type of confirmation such as a shared renter’s insurance policy.

Picture this: Two 18 year olds right out of high school enter into a domestic partnership because they are “in love”. If one of them gets into a car accident and is on life support, the 18 YEAR OLD partner has the legal right to pull the plug AHEAD of the victim’s parents. This is a radical step towards redefining family relationships but a lot of legislators are not recognizing the serious effects of SB 566.

If this is something that concerns you, please make your voice heard. Contact the senators who voted for SB 566 on the sample vote to let them know your views and spread the word to as many contacts as you can. “


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