Stupid Law Enforcement Practices

The speed camera bill is moving forward in the General Politburo this week, which would allow the use of speed cameras in work zones. They did amend it so that volunteer firefighters were exempted, but the bill moves forward.

And the question is: why?

Oh yes, there is the answer that people don’t actually follow the work-zone speed laws, and that the “your fine is doubled here” signs apparently don’t work.

Do you think the cameras will actually slow down speeds?

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Why don’t we try a novel idea: actually forcing the MSP to do its job, and actually patrol the highways? There is no greater disincentive on the planet to speeding than a patrolling cruiser. If you want to slow down the speeds on the highways, a rolling roadblock is the single most effective way to achieve this. Only a psychotic moron would pass a cop doing the speed limit (or more).

There are certainly enough troopers to regularly patrol the Beltway, I-83, and the other mainlines in the state. When you combine the MSP with the MD Toll Authority Police and their sporty little chargers, that number grows even more. Throw in the county agencies, and this problem is solvable.

The simple fact of the matter is that a police presence is the single best derrent to illegal behavior — whether it is speeding, prostitution, drugs, or robbing banks.

Why don’t legislators and our law enforcement officials get this?

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