Stupid Environmentalist Tricks

Since they are losing the on the scientific, public opinion, and political fronts, the alarmist are now moving to the theater of the absurd dragging their advocate journalist along with them.

Climate change activists have drawn a thin blue line across Main Street in Annapolis. The point of their chalky protest this morning: to show how high waters might rise if global warming melted the Greenland ice sheet, driving up sea levels by 20 feet. Dozens of shops and restaurants would be flooded in the state capital…

“We were demonstrating to passersby how high the water would come if we don’t get our act together on global warming,” said Brad Heavner, director of Environment Maryland. “The House has the opportunity to make Maryland a leader, or they could drop the ball like the Senate did.”

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I’m sure Mr. Heavner and his merry band of chalk artists drew their line in accordance with the IPCC’s revised estimates of predicted sea level rise. The 2007 IPCC Fourth Assessment Report cut in half its estimates of sea level rise from its 2001 report. The estimate is 17 inches as compared to the 20-30 feet in Al Gore’s agitprop.

Perhaps for folks like Brad Heavener, Tom Pelton, and Paul “Snorkel” Pinksy this is too inconvenient a truth.

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