Senators Who Voted to Raise Your Energy Costs

The Global Warming Solutions Act has passed out of the Education Health and Environmental Affairs Committee by a 5-3 vote.

The following senators voted to directly raise your energy costs and add draconian restrictions on Maryland’s economy.

Joan Carter Conway
Michael G. Lenett
Paul G. Pinsky
James C. Rosapepe
David C. Harrington

I strongly suggest a phone call or email to these five legislators. Tell them that you know they voted to raise your energy costs.

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I also suggest calls to senators Richard F. Colburn, Janet Greenip, and Andy Harris for voting against this terrible bill.

Here is a list of Senators who are sponsoring the bill to raise your energy costs.

I don’t know the status of the House version of the bill in the Economic Matters Committee. However you can see a list of delegates who are sponsoring legislation that will raise your energy costs.

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