Refuge Podcast # 57 – Seventh Psalm Authors John Schumacher and Bruce Smith

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In our opening segment, I have a very special interview with the authors of a new book Seventh Psalm, John Schumacher and Bruce Smith. This wonderfully written action novel, while a fictional account, presents an astonishingly accurate view of the Global War and Terror and serves as a tribute to the brave men and women under arms defending out way of life. The politically correct “literary mafia” tried to keep this book from being published because it was too “Pro-Bush” and dared to glorify the heroism of western soldiers.

You need to hear this interview and buy this book!

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I also have an update on the report in our last installment about the disclosure of reimbursements by our county legislative delegation. You will want to listen to hear why so many legislators were afraid of this information getting out and why a number of local polticians will have “some explaining to do.”

In our closing segment, some additional information about Seventh Psalm and an update on our discussion of crime here in Maryland.

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