Really Stupid FSP Tricks

Not that Martin Watcher needs any help from me, but Isaac Smith’s ninnyish attempt to allude that MW is a racist needs to be addressed.

It is an article of the progressive faith that conservatives are by their very nature racist. However, anyone at least remotely hinged to reality knows that this isn’ t case. For Isaac and his progressive comrades, the word racism, like fascism, has no meaning other than as a label for people with whom they disagree with on policy. Sadly, Isaac has a history of doing this.

Isaac’s smoking gun of racism is a Youtube mash up of Obama and Jeremiah Wright mixed in with Malcolm X and Public Enemy’s Fight the Power. Salem Radio official and former producer for the Laura Ingraham Show, Lee Habeeb created the video. Any reasonable person watching the video will not see any racism in it. In fact, it is a novel example of a point many have made that Obama’s speech did not sell. But in the progressive mindset, to point that out is… racist.

Isaac also points to a McCain campaign staffer, Soren Dayton, who has been suspended for disseminating the video on his blog, as another example of racism. However, Drayton was fired not for promoting a racist video (which it clearly is not) but, for running afoul of McCain who said that Obama should not be held liable for Wright’s views. This is an obvious tactic given that he can’t call out Obama for Wright after not disavowing anti-Catholic bigot John Hagee’s endorsement (he should have). Then again, Hagee wasn’t McCain’s spiritual mentor.

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Getting back to my main point, this is the same old trick. Progressives label their opponents as racist to paint them outside the realm of legitimate discourse, thereby absolving themselves of having to make an argument.

I guess they don’t teach argumentation in bureaucrat school.

Isaac’s chickenshit post is more proof that Trilling’s assessment now applies to progressives. They do not, “express themselves in ideas but only in action or in irritable mental gestures which seek to resemble ideas.”

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