Poor Tom Pelton

Chris Horner, author of the indispensable The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism, reveals Baltimore Sun environmental “reporter” Tom Pelton for the alarmist shill that he is.

An event like the Heartland conference, that by its very nature disparages media irresponsibility on climate matters, shouldn’t expect to receive thoroughly objective press coverage. The media that did stop in revealed by their mien and questions that they were none too happy about it — poor Miles O’Brien of CNN was reduced to hectoring attendees with an ad hominem suggesting that they were the equivalent of the “Flat Earth Society.” So we should expect the press attention the conference receives not to stray too far from the approved alarmist narrative. As I noted earlier today, some members of the press are even using an outdated alarmist fact-sheet — like the environmental reporter at the Baltimore Sun who repeats the now-abandoned factoid that the IPCC climate-scientist consensus on global warming is 2,500-strong.

Reality might eventually force the media and other alarmist friends out of their comfort zones.

In such trying times, anything can happen — even real debate over the actual facts.

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Of course I asked the question last week: Tom Pelton is a reporter, isn’t he?

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