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Owe’Malley Administration Urges State Employees to Play Global Warming Politics

From the indefatigable O’Malley Watch

The O’Malley Administration is once again using State employees as a lobbying tool. Today there is a rally planned for global warming, and whether you agree with many on the Conservative side that there isn’t actual evidence showing that humans are causing global warming, or you believe that the sea levels are going to rise and hurricanes will wipe out the earth, you should agree that the State computer system shouldn’t be used to send e-mails to all the State employees telling them to attend Martin O’Malley’s rally in Annapolis for global warming.

Yesterday, a little after 3pm, Department of Natural Resources Spokesman Darlene Pisani, sent out an e-mail encouraging DNR employees to use personal time to attend a rally in Lawyer’s mall. The rally is co-sponsored by the League of Conservation Voters and is intended to garner legislative support for global warming and critical areas legislation. An inappropriate use of State resources.

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