More Stalling on the ICC

Apparently, the great battle of Intercounty Connector is not over, rather it has moved into its next phase.

Intercounty connector opponents are asking Maryland lawmakers to yank funding for the 18.8-mile highway or to at least halt its construction until its impact on global warming and the health of nearby residents can be studied…

Such legislation is probably their last option, legal observers say, because appeals could take several years. The first seven-mile section between Interstate 370 and Georgia Avenue, scheduled to open in 2010, could be nearly finished before the court case is resolved.

Even lawmakers backing the legislation say the measure is a long shot. “It’s definitely an uphill battle,” said Del. Heather R. Mizeur (D-Montgomery), sponsor of a bill seeking to halt construction while health effects of the road are studied. Still, Mizeur said, she will argue that the potential impact on nearby schoolchildren and the state’s financial crunch require another look at the $2.4 billion project…

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Connector opponents are pushing three bills. One would revoke the highway’s financing plan that the General Assembly approved in 2005. Another would stop construction to study the impact that traffic emissions would have on the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. The third would stop construction until the state did a more rigorous study of how emissions would affect the health of people nearby, including senior citizens living in the Leisure World retirement community and students at Drew Elementary School.

I’m not surprised by the rearguard actions to stop the ICC. However, why are delegates Nic Kipke, Steve Schuh, and Tony McConkey sponsors for the bill that would submit the ICC to a global warming test?

If they are so concerned about the ICC further exacerbating global warming, then they should sign their names as sponsors to HB 712, The Global Warming Solutions Act.

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