Keeping an eye on Alaska

I noted that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin should be on Senator McCain’s short list to be his running mate this fall, and Governor Palin’s push for a cleaner Republican Party continues:

A state Republican convention that could have unified a troubled party descended into infighting Friday, with the lieutenant governor announcing his intention to unseat a congressman and the governor calling for changes in GOP leadership.

Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell said he would challenge U.S. Rep. Don Young, the 18-term incumbent who’s the subject of a federal investigation that includes his campaign finance practices.

“The days of unquestioning loyalty are gone,” Parnell said a few hours later after filing candidacy paperwork. “It’s time for principled leadership.”

Gov. Sarah Palin escorted Parnell into the Division of Elections office and immediately endorsed him over Young. She gave no thought to the protocol of an endorsement months before the August primary, she said.

“When something’s right, it’s right,” she said. “There’s no time like the present to state your case and speak candidly about what you believe it. And I believe in his candidacy.”

This is fantastic news in a state where there is a pretty good shot that incumbent Republican Senator Ted Stevens and Congressman Young could both go down in a mire of pork-barrel projects and scandal-related news.

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The fact that Governor Palin is willing to stand-up to her party’s leadership and show loyalty to the core ideas of our party as opposed to loyalty to the party apparatus is something that all Republicans should take to heart.


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