I’ll leave (most of) the lights off for you…

And it isn’t even Earth Day yet. But if you read this AP story by writer Tanalee Smith it’s apparent that our friends Down Under in Australia have drank a large pitcher of the man-made global warming Kool-Aid. (Maybe they thought it was a pitcher of Foster’s?)

Peter Garrett, Australia’s Environment Minister, noted:

“We’re not only talking the talk, we’re walking the walk. Whatever your view is about the magnitude of the problem … we can save money by using energy wisely and efficiently, and that gives us the added bonus of reduced greenhouse gas emissions.”

The quote jumped out at me because it’s the same tagline my associates at the American Institute of Architects are using as a toast before they take a hefty slug of that Kool-Aid too. I’ll give Garrett points for bringing up the cost savings of using energy efficiently and wisely; however, I draw the line at savings by fiat such as what Maryland is trying to do with their supposed Global Warming Solutions Act.

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(By the way, the Senate version of that as amended passed 31-16 last week, with both of our local Senators and Congressional candidate Andy Harris properly voting against it. How did Frank Kratovil vote? Oh yeah, he’s a blank slate.)

Of course, this is a completely symbolic event anyway because in the grand scheme of things sitting in the dark for an hour won’t make much of a dent in your electric bill or total power consumption. (It goes without saying that the Earth won’t be any less warm either.) Since you still have to run some of your appliances like your refrigerator, if you’re like me you might save 1 kWh. The good news for you, the reader, is that you don’t have to participate because I’ll do it for you – my house will be pretty much dark at that hour. Instead, I’ll be listening to multiple watts of amplification as bands under the megawatt spotlights perform in the Spring Luau where people who actually have a life will be. (Come to think of it, that may account for several hundred people and their homes without lights on – we’re starting a movement here!)

Thus, you can leave your lights on – in fact, you can crank that three-way bulb up to the highest setting – without a guilty conscience and be absolved of environmental sin because I’ll erase your carbon footprint for that hour. You’re welcome.

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