ICC to be held hostage by EnvironMENTALists…

It could be known as, not the “road to nowhere”, but the road that it’s construction, thanks to government foot-dragging, got nowhere… Until Bob Ehrlich made it a priority. But the “progressives” in power can’t let it progress any further.

Now there is legislation to submit the ICC to a global warming survey, to see what effect the road will have on this environmental idol.

Let’s see… thousands of cars idling on (and therefore polluting) existing roads in back-ups, or being swiftly sped on their way, when (once at their destinations in a more reasonable time-frame) they can be turned OFF, thus cutting their greenhouse emissions! Hmmmm… what if they found out that building the road would actually help the environment? Nah, they’d never let that be the result of their report, not PC enough! I wonder if the Dept.of Environment (and DOT) will do a fair & balanced assessment?

The Hearing is on the 14th at 1pm before the House Environmental Matters Committee.
Who knows when or where the “specified public comment period” will be for the study itself.
I am quite sure
they will let us know, just as soon as all of MOM’s minions refuse their pay raises.

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