Hypocrisy in Action

A Sun editorial on the oral arguments from yesterdays District of Columbia v. Heller hearing had this gem:

Outlawing a city’s ban on handguns would unfairly strip citizens of their collective ability to make their communities safer.

Of course, does not a city’s ban on handguns also unfairly strip citizens of their individual ability to make their families and property safer? Of course it does, but the mental midgets on the Sun editorial board don’t see it that way. They see gun ownership as a collective right; the only piece of the Bill of Rights, incidentally, that they see as a collective right. Because I have a feeling that a city banning a third-rate newspaper that serves as the propaganda arm of one of the major parties to allow citizens the collective ability to get lies and deceit off of the street is going to get a lot of support from the Sun’s board.

Fortunately, it looks like the Supreme Court is leaning towards doing the right thing

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