Fundamental Ignorance

“I have to represent all my constituents, not just the millionaires,” said Del. Tom Hucker (D-Montgomery). “I think those folks can afford to pay more state income taxes, especially in the wake of enormous federal income tax cuts that they have benefited from for the last six years.”

No delegate, a tax cut is not a benefit handed down from the federal government, as if the money belonged to the government to give to millionaires. No, delegate, a tax cut is a government restraint upon itself from taking money, which already belongs to the citizens who generated it themselves. As Rick Moran noted:

This simple, basic, liberty loving concept has been forgotten by liberals…who see tax cuts as part of a government “plan” for the economy hence, monies that the government will forgo collecting in order to modify or encourage some kind of economic activity. In short, the money “given back” to taxpayers is really the government’s money to begin with, theirs to do with as they see fit.

To not see how that concept turns the idea of freedom on its head reveals a moral blindness that makes it easy to posit that all property is subject to government approval and control. It justifies eminent domain and host of other egregious threats to human liberty that used to be a concern of liberals but is now seen as an impediment to government management of most every facet of people’s lives.

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Unless citizens stop electing legislators like Hucker, who have no understanding or respect for this fundamental concept of liberty, we will continue to see tech taxes, eternal structural deficits, and ever more governmental appropriation of taxpayer money to fund increased spending of money it does not have.

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