I can sympathize with these folks across the pond.

It’s an increasingly common argument these days: if you question the new green tinted politics of fear – which marshals visions of apocalypse in order to shape people’s behaviour and lower their expectations as surely as Torquemada ever did- then you’re not only wrong, you’re morally suspect. You are not only (allegedly) a factually misguided individual who must be challenged through debate; you are a flawed, whored, bought off, morally polluted scoundrel with whom there can be no debate. The Independent’s gossipy green article was silly, but it is also part of a serious new trend: the incessant, and frequently fruitless, search for who is paying and puppeteering the critics of green austerity. The conspiratorial labelling of all sceptics as ‘suspect’ is the copping-out coward’s way of shutting down discussion: after all, what better way to dodge tough and testy arguments than by hanging a sign that says ‘DODGY’ around the necks of all who disagree with you?

Surely enlightened progressives here in Maryland would never engage in that inane line of argument.

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