Another Sign of Sanity in Annapolis? Nah, Just Delayed Foolishness

I am not going to hold by breath, but at least one piece of nanny statism died when a common sense argument took hold:

National momentum has been building for such bans, which traffic safety advocates say prevent accidents and save lives, and this month the legislation passed in the Maryland Senate for the first time. But it was defeated by a 12-9 vote in the House Environmental Matters Committee, which has killed similar bills in recent years.

“A lot of people had concerns,” said Del. James E. Malone Jr., a Baltimore County Democrat and chairman of the subcommittee that overwhelmingly urged a defeat of the measure. “Do you say you can’t use a cell phone, but it’s OK to eat, drink, read and put on makeup while driving?”

While the cell phone bill died, my guess is that next year the bill will not only target cell phones, but eating, drinking, reading, makeup, shaving, etc. So it will be worse.

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Here is an interesting thought, make commuting a little easier (i.e. better roads, the ICC, better options for mass transit) and then you won’t need such nanny statism.

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